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Welcome To Logic-Band

This is a site dedicated to providing the best tips, tricks and tutorials for VoiceOver Warriors, (a user of the built in screen reader on macOS), assisting these blind or visually impaired keyboard ninjas to better utilize Apple’s Logic Pro or GarageBand without reliance on a mouse (or Trackpad. So if you’re looking for a faster workflow via the keyboard, join the mailing list and get a free course to help you get started with Logic Pro.

Logically using GarageBand with just a Keyboard?

How is this possible you ask? If you know anything about Apple, you know they strive for accessibility out of the box with all their products. As a result both Logic and GarageBand work well with VoiceOver on first launch, and both have a healthy set of KeyCommands to aid in the process as well. Most actions you perform in either DAW, whether it be by right clicking, clicking and dragging, or etc. have HotKeys. In the case of Logic, you can add your own or further customize the KeyCommands; and Logic goes as far as to allow you to also assign things to Midi Controllers or Control surfaces (in some special cases GarageBand can be controlled by a surface as well). Logic even has one of the fullest implementations of the MCU Protocol, so a control surface that can use the MCU protocol can be set up in Logic with minimal fuss. To further our goals of complete keyboard domination, here we also have a ready built KeyCommands file , for Logic, (GarageBand doesn’t allow for adding Keyboard commands besides those included by default), with assigned HotKeys to things that would normally require you to take your hands off the keyboard. And the Best part; this is mostly without overwriting any of the default Logic KeyCommands, So you can still follow along with any manual or tutorials that may refer to them.

The Logical first steps

So how does one get started with all this? First of course, you will need to grab the latest copy of Logic, (or GarageBand If you don’t have it already). Also, for maximum keyboard usability, a copy of the Logic Keyboard Ninja KeyCommands file should round out the trick for the Logic users.

Still a little confused? The Logic Basics & Glossary or GarageBand Basics & Glossary page will get you up to speed on what all this means and Getting Started With Logic or Getting Started With GarageBand explains how to get going with info to assist your first venture into approaching these DAWS from the keyboard. The Logic KeyCommands List or the GarageBand KeyCommands List has all the Button mashing combinations in a handy table for quick reference. Please consider subscribing to the as well as it will be the place updated with tips, tricks, tutorials and other Audio Related Goodness.